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The all-new Financial Peace Kids Bundle gives you all the tools you need to help your kid grow into an adult who won’t have to stress about money. This redesigned bundle includes Financial Peace Kids, Junior’s Adventures Storytime Collection, and the Smart Saver Bank.

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This bundle includes: 

Financial Peace Kids Kit

Financial Peace Kids

The all-new Financial Peace Kids kit features reinforced fabric envelopes and heavy-duty chore charts that’ll hold up against even the roughest kid wear and tear. Even if you haven’t exactly been good with money in the past, you can teach your kids how to do things differently (and they’ll actually have fun learning)!
Junior's Adventures Storytime Collection

Junior's Adventures Storytime Collection

Part of the Junior’s Adventures series, the Junior’s Adventures Storytime Collection is packed with six fun stories that teach kids the value of hard work, integrity, giving, saving and avoiding debt. Kids will join Junior as he learns—sometimes the hard way—how to handle money.
Smart Saver Bank

Smart Saver Bank

The new Smart Saver Bank makes it easy for kids to budget their cash with three compartments labeled Give, Save and Spend. The see-through design lets kids watch their savings grow!