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Our new streamlined audiobooks app is easy to use and allows you to download your books right to your phone. The app keeps track of your progress so you’ll never lose your spot. And you can start knocking out your list of books faster by listening at twice the speed.

Ramsey Audiobooks App on Phone

Step One

Purchase an Audiobook

After purchase, you’ll get an email with a “Redeem My Audiobook” button. But don’t click it just yet (unless you already have the Ramsey Audiobooks app . . .).

Step Two

Get the App

Download the Ramsey Audiobooks App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Step Three

Sign In or Create a New Account

If you already have a Ramsey account, use that login and password. If not, create a new account through the app.

Step Four

Connect Your Audiobook to the App

Go back to your email (using your mobile phone). Now you can tap the “Redeem My Audiobook” button. It will prompt you to open the app and then ask if you’d like to add your new title to your library. Click “Yes” to link the audiobook to your account.

Step Five

Time to Start Listening

Tap "Start Book" and enjoy!