Get Clear Career Assessment - For Team Development

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Check out these videos from Ken where he explains why disengagement is one of the biggest problems facing companies today and how this assessment can help.

Ken Coleman, America’s Career Coach and #1 bestselling author, is on a mission to help people—and the teams they work on—discover the contributions they were created to make through their work. That’s where the Get Clear Career Assessment comes in! 

As a leader, this assessment will equip you and your team members so you can have healthy, meaningful conversations about how they can best serve your organization and grow in it.

By identifying team members’ strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to better understand why they excel in some areas and struggle in others. You’ll find common ground and ultimately identify how to put them in positions that’ll move the whole organization forward. 

After your team members have completed the assessment, they’ll get custom reports that clarify their top talents and passions and their professional missions. They’ll also discover their unique purpose statements, which will help them discover multiple opportunities for doing meaningful work within your organization!
They’ll be encouraged to reflect on their results, get feedback from others, and then have conversations with you.

In these conversations, they’ll explain their newfound understandings of:

  • Their Top Talents—What they do best
    • How they wow others
    • What others say about them
    • Talent traps to avoid
  • Their Top Passions—The types of work they love to do
    • The work that most excites them
    • Passion pitfalls to avoid
    • How to perform their passions
  • Their Top Mission—The result they want their work to produce
    • Results that fire them up
    • Mission missteps
    • How to accomplish their mission
  • Their Personalized Purpose Statement
    • A sentence that brings together their talents, passions, and mission to summarize their strengths.

This report aligns all of these aspects to help every one of your team members discover the contributions they were created to make through their work. Use this tool to guide your team to be more productive, effective and fulfilled! 

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