Foundations in Personal Finance: Self-Study 3 - Advanced

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This course contains the final 5 chapters of the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum:
9. Insurance
10. Income and Taxes
11. Housing and Real Estate
12. Investing and Retirement
13. Global Economics

This fully digital self-study is intended to provide your teen with advanced knowledge of financial principles that most adults don't have.

Dave Ramsey and our team of experts teach all the content for you—so you don’t have to sweat it. Even though this is a self-study, we still provide additional parent resources and visibility of progress through the course.

Course Features:

  • Parent-led or independent study learning options

  • Teacher resources (lesson guides, activities, transcripts and more!)

  • 5 stand-alone chapters that can be taught in any order

  • Devotionals and a scripture reference guide for additional study on the biblical view of finances

  • Easy, secure course access