Ramsey Career Academy: Project Management 101

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Did you know that project management is one of the most in-demand skills worldwide? Regardless of your job title, being organized, unhiding work and clarifying priorities are essential. Ken Coleman, national bestselling author and career expert, and Brendan Wovchko, chief technology officer at Ramsey Solutions, will help you master the technical and people skills needed to become the project leader that everyone trusts.

What You’ll Learn (Included Lessons)

  • Kanban Basics (Basics, Mindset, Story and 8-Part Plan to a Better Way to Work)
  • Flow (Metrics, Agility and Potential)
  • Clarity (Workflow, Boards and Columns)
  • Focus (Associations, Interruptions, Multitasking and Finishing)
  • Ownership (Motivation, Approach and Pull)
  • Collaboration (Swarm and Slack)
  • Unhide (Missing, Perfect, Vague and Big)
  • Illumination (Risk and Class of Service)
  • Coordination (Cadences, Kanban Meeting, Replenishment Meeting and Ask Kanban Game)
  • Great Project Managers (Talent, Passion, Mission and Sweet Spot)
  • Education and Experience (Degrees and Certification, Experience and Transferrable Skills)
  • Get Hired (Get Connected, Resumé Guide, Create a Resumé That Stands Out and Win the Interview)

What You’ll Get


Project Management 101 designed for busy professionals. Instructional videos and activities are available for you to complete at your own pace online. Most students take eight to 10 hours to complete the course.


Ken and Brendan teach based on practice, not theory. You’ll learn principles used every day at Ramsey Solutions and participate in activities you can immediately apply to your work.


Project Management 101 includes a downloadable workbook with convenient places for taking notes. You’ll be able to use it as a quick-reference guide while you master managing your work!


You’ll earn a Ramsey Career Academy Project Management 101 digital certificate of completion after you finish the course. You can share it with your employer and on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Next Steps

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You will have full access to the course until 12/31/24.

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