DISC Implementation Kit

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Every organization needs clear and effective communication—DISC is the tool to help you get there!

This boxed Implementation Kit will equip leaders to use DISC across their organization by providing team members with the tools they need for clear and effective communication.

What Is DISC?

DISC is a communication tool that’s been used by Ramsey Solutions for many years. This tool helps team members understand how they communicate as individuals and how they can best work together as a team. Ramsey Solutions is now providing this valuable tool for teams in every setting—from churches and organizations to businesses and schools—even families and individuals!

How Does It Work?

DISC uses a four-part model to identify your distinct communication behavior:

  • Decisive: focused, task-oriented and hard-charging drivers
  • Interactive: people-oriented, persuasive and super relational
  • Stabilizing: loyal, protective and trusting of others
  • Cautious: analytical, factual, process-oriented and detailed

The DISC assessment is easy to use and administer. You and your team members will simply answer a series of questions as honestly as possible. Your results are delivered quickly in detailed, individual reports.

What to Expect

10 DISC Assessments

  • Your team will use their unique voucher codes to receive their DISC assessments and customized profile reports.

A 1.5-Hour DISC Video Course for Your Team, Featuring:

  • What Is DISC?
  • The Four DISC Types
  • How to Use DISC in Your Organization
  • How to Introduce DISC to Your Team
  • How to Use DISC for Hiring
  • How to Use DISC for Selling
  • How to Use DISC to Lead Your Team

Why Your Organization Needs DISC

  • Understand how team members communicate as individuals
  • Learn how to best work together as a team
  • Recognize different communication styles
  • Help your team best connect with leadership
  • Remove barriers to effective communication
For Team Development

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