The Total Money Makeover Workbook

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With inspiring real-life stories and thought-provoking questionnaires, this workbook will help you achieve financial fitness as you work out your newly defined money muscles. Dave will motivate you to immediate action, so you can:

  • Set up an emergency fund.
  • Pay off your home mortgage.
  • Prepare for college funding.
  • Maximize your retirement investing.
  • Build wealth.
  • Live and give like no one else!

With inventive exercises that exercise your spending and saving habits, Dave will get your mind and your money working together to make your life free of money stress and strain. It's a no-nonsense plan that will not only make over your money habits, but will also completely transform your life.

Dave Ramsey
Thomas Nelson
Release Date:
January 2, 2018
Personal Finance, Debt, Building Wealth, Budgeting
Target Audience:
People Who Want to Apply the Lessons They Learn in The Total Money Makeover and Organize Their Budget with Dave's Guidelines and Principles
About the Author
Ramsey Solutions CEO Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey is a four-time #1 national bestselling author, personal finance expert, and host of The Ramsey Show, the second-largest nationally syndicated talk radio show. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Today, Fox News, CNN, Fox Business and many more. Since 1992, Dave has helped people take control of their money, build wealth, and enhance their lives. He also serves as CEO of Ramsey Solutions.