Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet In Black

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Do you feel like you’ve finally gotten control of your money and you’re pretty good at this whole budgeting thing? Do you find yourself using Everydollar and pulling out your debit card more often than cash these days? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Rachel Cruze and our partner JOYN have teamed up (again!) to create a new, slim version of the Rachel Cruze Wallet.

The new Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet features six card slots and a leather wristlet, making it the perfect, take-anywhere companion. And for those of you who have that one area in your budget where you tend to overspend, this wallet still provides accountability. It features a section specifically designed to hold cash for the area you struggle with. Plus, unlike other slim wallets, our cash compartment extends past the edge of the wallet, giving you plenty of room to stow and easily access your money.

If you want a new, lifestyle-friendly way to organize your money and stay on budget, try the handmade Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet.

The Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet includes:

  • A high-quality leather exterior (Aka it looks good, and it’s built to last.)

  • An external zipper that’ll keep your cash and belongings secure

  • Six cards slots that’ll keep you organized (Remember, this wallet is for saving money—so no credit cards allowed!)

  • A detachable, leather continental wristlet strap 
  • A snap-in-place leather strap that’ll cover and protect your cards to keep them from coming loose

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality, style or convenience to save and track your money the smart way. Start organizing your money with confidence using the Rachel Cruze Slim Wallet.

How It’s Made

To create the new slim wallet, Rachel Cruze partnered with an amazing organization called JOYN that gives fair-trade jobs and HOPE to people in the most vulnerable communities in India. JOYN is a fair-trade certified organization that provides safe, empowering fair-wage jobs to makers.  Each handcrafted wallet represents someone working hard to change their family tree—just like you are. And just like every dollar has a job in your budget, every purchase has a purpose with this wallet! 

  • Product Details:
    • 100% Fair Trade Leather (made by JOYN)
    • Interior liner color that matches exterior leather
    • Six card slots
    • Notch on the bottom card slot to help retrieve card
    • Leather strap to cover/protect cards from falling out
    • YKK nylon coin zipper that extends past the edge of the wallet to allow for easy access to cash
    • Leather pull on zipper (not metal like the other wallets)
    • Leather wristlet with dog hook 
    • “rc” embossed 
Target Audience:
People Trying to Manage and Organize Their Money
7 3/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches

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