EveryDollar Budget App: Start Budgeting for Free


Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Seriously. You just need a budgeting app made with you in mind. That’s EveryDollar.

EveryDollar has helped millions of people work the Baby Steps and learn to love budgeting by taking the stress out of planning and managing money.  

Create your first budget in about 10 minutes. Then customize categories, track expenses, set up savings goals, and more! You can also pay off debt faster, build lasting wealth, and plan for your future.

No matter what you  want to do with your money, it starts with a budget.

The Simplest Way to Budget for Your Life

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How to Get Started:

1. Set up your account.

2. Create your budget.

3. Say goodbye to money stress.

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Tell Your Money Where to Go

EveryDollar uses Dave Ramsey’s recommended zero-based budgeting approach. You give every dollar a job to do (see where we got the name?) before the month begins—so your income minus your expenses always equals zero. No complicated percentage-based or “month ahead” planning required—just simple budgeting that puts you in control of your finances.

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Find and Save More Money

When you start to tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went, you’ll feel like you got a raise. In fact, budgeters find an average of $332 in their first month using EveryDollar.


You can start budgeting with the free version of EveryDollar or unlock the premium version with a free trial. 

Start Budgeting for Free Today!


A good choice if you want a basic budgeting tool.

  • Create unlimited budgets on the mobile app or on desktop.
  • Adjust or reset your budget throughout the month.
  • Split expenses across multiple budget lines.
  • Stay on top of spending and see how much cash is remaining each month.
  • Manually track transactions.
  • Check your budget from anywhere with the mobile app for Android or iOS.

How to Create a Budget

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