Foundations in Personal Finance: College Edition Online Access Voucher (12-Chapter Edition)

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Foundations in Personal Finance is a turnkey academic curriculum that engages students and teaches them practical and relevant financial skills.

Instructions for eText Access:
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Students: To access content for your college/university course using Foundations in Personal Finance: College Edition curriculum, choose your school from the list (do not select Individual Self-Study from the drop-down). If your school isn't listed, contact for assistance.

Individuals: For self-study of college-level content, this provides a one-year individual license. When redeeming the code, choose [Individual Self-Study] 12-Chapter Foundations in Personal Finance as the school and Foundations in Personal Finance Self-Study (12 Chapter) as the course (do not select a school from the drop-down list).

Chapter Topics:

  • Savings: Save for emergencies, large purchases and wealth-building (see a preview of Chapter 1 here).
  • Budgets: Create and live on a zero-based budget.
  • Debt: Avoid the trap of borrowing money.
  • College student essentials: Learn what every college student needs to know about money.
  • Family, friends and philanthropy: Assess the impact of money on relationships.
  • Consumer awareness: Buy wisely by understanding powerful marketing strategies.
  • Bargains: Find and negotiate deep discounts.
  • Credit bureaus: Evaluate the role of credit in our culture.
  • Insurance: Protect yourself with seven types of insurance.
  • Investments: Build wealth and change your family tree.
  • Retirement plans: Retire as a millionaire through long-term tax-favored plans.
  • Real estate: Buy, sell and rent real estate property.

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