New! Money’s Not a Math Problem Quick Read (E-Book)

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Money’s Not a Math Problem isn’t like the other books you’ve read about money. 
It’s not a book about numbers, percentages or decimals. It’s a book that drives to the heart of the money problems many people deal with—because those problems are usually symptoms of a bigger issue. The issue is our inaccurate beliefs, fears and flat-out lies about budgeting.

Ramsey Personality and debt elimination expert Jade Warshaw candidly shares how she and her husband, Sam, shifted their mindset around money and paid off over $460,000 in debt—including $280,000 of student loans!
In this Quick Read, Jade uncovers five lies we tend to believe about budgeting. Then, she counters those lies with five truths that will rock your world—and change your attitude toward budgeting.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • An easy way to take control of your finances
  • The key to get past the “we ain’t got no money ” mentality
  • A budget is a powerful money tool
  • How to stop seeing yourself as a victim and an exception to the rules

In just 70 pages, this entertaining Quick Read will help you change your mindset about money and give you practical ways to reach your money goals with control and confidence.

Special Offer: 

  • This book includes a special offer to receive three months of the premium version of EveryDollar for free (for new users only). A QR code is included inside your book that you can scan to create your account. EveryDollar is the tool to help you take control of your money!


Jade Warshaw
Quick Read
Ramsey Press
Release Date:
December 5, 2023
Target Audience:
People Who Want to Reach Their Money Goals With Control and Confidence

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