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Get the Ultimate Career Bundle

Find the job you were born to do and learn how to get there with our Ultimate Career Bundle. Featuring the Get Clear Career Assessment and Ken Coleman’s From Paycheck to Purpose, this bundle will have you ready for your next step in no time.

Ken Coleman, a career expert and #1 bestselling author, is on a mission to help people discover the contribution they were created to make through their work. And now it’s your turn.

You’re about to get clear on what you were born to do. After you complete this quick and easy assessment, you’ll get a custom report that clarifies and verifies your top talents, your top passions, and your professional mission. You’ll also have a unique purpose statement that will help you discover multiple options to do meaningful work in your career.

Your assessment and results will lead you to understanding:

  • Your Top Talents—What you do best
    • How you wow others
    • What others say about you
    • Talent traps to avoid
  • Your Top Passions—The types of work you love to do
    • Work you love to do
    • Passion pitfalls to avoid
    • How to perform your passion
  • Your Top Mission—The result you want your work to produce
    • Results that fire you up
    • Mission missteps
    • How to accomplish your mission
  • Your Personalized Purpose Statement
    • A sentence that brings together your talents, passions, and missions to summarize your strengths and help you get specific in your career direction.
  • Your Professional Possibilities
    • A list of industries and jobs that could be a great place to start your career search based on your results.

This report aligns all of these aspects to help you discover the contribution you were created to make through your work. That sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s get started!

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