Know Yourself Money Assessment For Individuals

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Do you feel like financial progress is impossible? Whether you win or lose with money, it all comes back to understanding your WHY. Great budgeters have clarity on why they make the money decisions they do and how to move forward.

Based on Rachel Cruze’s national bestseller Know Yourself, Know Your Money, this assessment was created to give you clarity and confidence when it comes to money. Once you complete this assessment, you’ll receive over 20 pages of personalized helpful insights that will guide you toward a better money mindset.

This assessment will lead you to:

  • Clarity about WHY you make the decisions you do with money
  • Lasting progress toward your personal goals
  • The healthiest version of your unique money mindset

Your results will be broken down into categories:

  • Your Money Profile and Beliefs
  • Your Money Classrooms
  • Your Money Tendencies
  • Money Fears
  • Money Motivations
  • Attitudes and Actions

When you understand WHY you make the money decisions you do, it makes it so much easier to figure out HOW to make real financial progress toward your goals.

For Individuals