Own Your Past, Change Your Future (E-Book)

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New from Dr. John Delony

In Building a Non-Anxious Life, Dr. Delony walks you through the six daily choices you can make to go from constant tension and stress to a peaceful, joyful and non-anxious life.

Your mental health matters. In his new book, national bestselling author Dr. John Delony unpacks why the weight of our past is what’s keeping us from being happy and healthy.

Delony’s clear, five-step plan to being well includes: 

  • Grieving and healing from past hurt
  • Defining what trauma really is and how to identify it
  • Making friends as an adult—it’s not easy, but it’s necessary
  • Changing your thoughts—it is possible
  • Taking control of your actions

Dr. John Delony’s simple yet powerful approach to mental health will keep you laughing while challenging your thoughts and actions. Learn how to leave the past where it belongs so you can get on the path to healing.


Table of Contents:

  • Foreword

  • Acknowledgments

Part 1: The Stories Are the Problem 

  • Chapter 1: When Things Fall Apart
  • Chapter 2: Acknowledge Your Stories
  • Chapter 3:Stories About the World
  • Chapter 4:Stories About Ourselves
  • Chapter 5: Stories About Relationships 
  • Chapter 6: Stories We’re Told and That Happened
  • Chapter 7:Stories We Tell Ourselves

Part 2: The Stories Are the Solution 

  • Chapter 8: Bricks in Your Backpack
  • Chapter 9:Acknowledge Reality: Good Grief
  • Chapter 10: Get Connected
  • Chapter 11:Change Your Thoughts
  • Chapter 12:Change Your Actions
  • Chapter 13:Redemption
  • For Further Reading
Dr. John Delony
Ramsey Press
iBooks for iPad/iPhone (ePub) and Amazon Kindle (Mobi)
Release Date:
April 19, 2022
Personal development, relationship building, mental health, wellness, trauma, making friends
Target Audience:
People looking to learn more about how to identify and heal their past trauma, build better relationships and take steps toward healing

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