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We’re buzzing, anxious and stressed because we’ve created a world our bodies can’t exist in.
Nearly half of the U.S. population reports their lives are affected by anxiety, stress or burnout.
Anxiety is everywhere. 

But here’s the thing: Anxiety isn’t the problem.

The problem is that we are unsafe, disconnected, unhealthy and living like we have no say in what happens next. 
In the highly anticipated follow-up to Redefining Anxiety, Dr. John Delony walks you through the Six Daily Choices you need to make to build a non-anxious life. These include:
  • Choosing Reality
  • Choosing Connection
  • Choosing Freedom
  • Choosing Health and Healing
  • Choosing Mindfulness
  • Choosing Belief
If you create a life of intentionally living out the six choices outlined in this book, you’ll be able to better respond to whatever life throws at you and build a more peaceful, joyful, non-anxious life.
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Dr. John Delony
Hardcover Book

Dave Ramsey

Four-Time #1 National Bestselling Author, Finance Expert and Host of The Ramsey Show

"I believe this is the best material I’ve read to deal with one of the greatest problems facing our culture."

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Author of The Comfort Crisis and Scarcity Brain

"Through a combination of personal stories and insightful observations, John gives us easy, practical ways to create a peaceful life."

Michael Easter

Author of The Comfort Crisis and Scarcity Brain

"This book will help you unpack the deeper reasons why you’re anxious and provide you with actionable tools that lead to lasting freedom."

Sal Di Stefano

Personal Trainer, Co-Founder of Mind Pump Media, and Co-Host of the Mind Pump Radio Show and Podcast

"John Delony is one of the few honest voices in mental health. His advice is authentic, applicable in the real world, and effective. If John says something, we always listen."

Joshua Fields Millburn

The Minimalists

"This book is an ice bath for the soul: a jarring, yet essential, plunge for anyone who suffers from anxiety."

About the Author 

Dr. John Delony

Dr. John Delony is a mental health expert with two PhDs from Texas Tech University—one in counselor education and supervision and the other in higher education administration. Before joining Ramsey Solutions in 2020, John spent two decades in crisis response, walking with people through severe trauma. Now at Ramsey Solutions, John writes, speaks and teaches on relationships, mental health, anxiety and wellness. He also serves as co-host of The Ramsey Show, the second-largest talk show in the nation that’s heard by 18 million weekly listeners, as well as host of The Dr. John Delony Show. In 2022, John’s book Own Your Past, Change Your Future instantly became a #1 national bestseller. You can also find John featured on DailyMailTV, Fox Business and The Minimalists Podcast.

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