Foundations in Personal Finance: 12 Chapter College Edition


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Foundations in Personal Finance is a turn-key academic curriculum that engages students and teaches them practical and relevant financial skills.

What It's About:

Foundations in Personal Finance College Edition with streaming video is the complete kit students need for their college class including hardcover textbook and voucher card to have access to the streaming instructional video from anywhere.

Chapters Include:

  • Savings: Save for emergencies, large purchases and wealth building
  • Budgets: Create and live on a zero–based budget
  • Debt: Avoid the trap of borrowing money
  • College Student Essentials: Learn what every college student needs to know about money
  • Family, Friends and Philanthropy: Assess the impact of money on relationships
  • Consumer Awareness: Buy wisely by understanding powerful marketing strategies
  • Bargains: Find and negotiate deep discounts
  • Credit Bureaus: Evaluate the role of credit in our culture
  • Insurance: Protect yourself with seven types of insurance
  • Investments: Build wealth and change your family tree
  • Retirement Plans: Retire as a millionaire through long-term tax-favored plans
  • Real Estate: Buy, sell, and rent real estate property

What's Included:

  • Hardcover, 320 page textbook
  • Individual streaming license for access to all instructional video (All Chapters – 16+ Hours)
  • Reading excerpts from Dave Ramsey’s New York Times bestseller, The Total Money Makeover
  • 30+ pages of financial forms, including a student budget
  • Full access to our blended learning site –
  • Case studies, chapter reviews and discussion questions
  • 350+ word glossary