Questions for Humans: Guys Night

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Whether you bond over football, music or reminiscing on the glory days, these questions will help you take guys night to the next level.

Mental health expert Dr. John Delony wants to help you navigate conversations and improve your relationships! That’s why he developed Questions for Humans. These conversation starters for dudes will help you put your phones down and actually connect.

All 52 conversation starter cards are fun, thought-provoking and, at times, a little bit ridiculous. Pull them out the next time you’re hanging out with your buds of twenty years or twenty minutes. While it’s hard to make new friends as an adult, it’s not impossible. And it often starts with a simple conversation.

What to expect when you play:

  • You’ll learn something unexpected.
  • You’ll have some laughs.
  • You’ll find it much, much easier to bond.
  • You’ll spend meaningful (and fun) quality time together.

Here’s a look at a few of the questions:

  • What are the funniest movies of all time?
  • How long would you last alone in the wild?
  • What’s one thing your parents didn’t teach you about the real world?

Sometimes when you turn off your phone, it feels like there’s not really much to say. Well, these conversation starter cards can change that! Spend an hour on one question or go through five or six questions in one sitting. The important part is to have some fun and connect with your buds.

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Dr. John Delony
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